iMotions API

Build and integrate your solutions with iMotions’ open API

iMotions API
API input

Receive & synchronize in real time any external data stream into iMotions


The API allows to connect and stream from a 3rd party software / hardware and receive data into iMotions. This data will be treated as any other data natively collected within iMotions & synchronized into the mix.

API output

Forward all synchronized collected data out of iMotions in real time


The API allows to live export events, metrics, raw data, markers and triggers from iMotions to 3rd party software / hardware.

Feedback loops

Create sophisticated feedback loops of internal & external synchronized data


The combination of output and input API in iMotions can form a feedback loop. iMotions sends out data received by an external application which in turn processes the data and sends it back into iMotions.

Remote API

Control iMotions Remotely


The remote control API allows external programs to control iMotions i.e. perform certain tasks without interacting with iMotions user interface. The set of commands is targeted at allowing a user, with a large data collection network, to integrate iMotions into their existing study distribution infrastructure.

Some of our clients using iMotions API

API Use Cases


API Input/Output Example:
Car Simulator Lab for Mythbusters Experiment

The MythBusters team wanted to determine whether driving while talking hands free is really less dangerous than talking while holding a cell phone. iMotions was asked to power the experiment setup integrating a car simulator with human behavior sensors,. The iMotions API was used to receive trigger events and to send the driver’s biometric data in sync with his driving actions for further analysis. Learn more here

API Output Example:
Brain Visualization from EEG Raw Data

During EEG recordings the raw EEG data is sent to an external application that can live calculate and visualize the standard EEG metrics such as Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta frequency responses.

API Case Output
Innerscope Sensus Kiosks

API Remote Control Example:
Sensus Kiosks – Innerscope Research (Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience)

Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience uses iMotions to integrate multiple measures of conscious & non-conscious responses into their Sensus™ data collection concept. iMotions API is used to remotely control and manage all the network of kiosks from a central location . This is the first integrated consumer neuroscience kiosk, which delivers an unprecedented combination of market research tools in a single, scalable platform.

Combine with Stimuli, Facial Expressions, EEG, GSR and more

Standard setup

Standard lab setup to evaluate screen based stimuli

Learn more about lab setups