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iMotions Customer Success

Navigate all phases of your iMotions experience with an expert Customer Success Manager

We’re committed to your success

Feel confident with us as a trusted partner 

iMotions license and subscription-based customers are assigned a designated Customer Success Manager (CSM) who serves as a single point of contact to help manage your research lifecycle and get the most out of your investment in iMotions.

Your CSM is committed to enhancing your overall experience with iMotions.

Customers worldwide find success with iMotions

What happens when you become an iMotions customer?

Get the most out of your investment

Beginning with onboarding, your CSM will work closely with you to ensure a quick and seamless software adoption. Your CSM will then proactively stay in contact with you to tell you about new software features, troubleshoot day-to-day issues, and capture your critical product feedback. They are your partner in success!

A designated Customer Success Manager (CSM)

An experienced specialist who serves as your single point of contact throughout your journey in behavioral research and iMotions.

Sparring partner on research

Your CSM knows your research history. They will make sure you get the support you need, when you need it, so that asking for help is a lot less daunting. They are your advocate at iMotions and ensure your voice is heard.

Customer care & support

iMotions customer support is consistently rated at 98%. And if the iMotions customer reputation doesn’t speak for itself, our Customer Success Managers are equally as impressive as researchers! If they cannot solve a problem for you, they will navigate the iMotions team of experts to find the right resource.

Learn and Grow with the iMotions Community

Get certified in human behavior research with Academy, attend webinars & workshops, and be a part of the Global Research Map & Community:

iMotions Academy Certified

Get Certified for Human Behavior Research

The 5-day Academy teaches you the theoretical knowledge of conducting biosensor research, provides hands-on training with sensors and modules, and allows for becoming proficient at designing and executing studies and analyzing data. The program ends with an Academy Certification that you can bring back to your research lab.

The iMotions Customer Success Program includes:

The Customer Success Program provides you with everything that you need to support your daily work and covers onboarding, capability training, product releases and ongoing support.

You renew the full iMotions Research Suite including the iMotions software and the iMotions Customer Success Program on an annual basis. Download brochure for details on the Customer Success Program.

iMotions Customer Success Program details

Customer Loyalty Program

You automatically become part of our Loyalty program as part of the Customer Success Program, which unlocks access to various payment options, discounts, and rewards:

  • Flexible payment options: Choose between annual or early upfront payment models
  • Loyalty rewards: Discount based on your number of years as an iMotions customer
  • Referral rewards: Refer a new customer to iMotions and get a reward

Contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) on details of the loyalty benefits.

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