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The new battleground emerging around the future of customer experience is how you make your customers feel, think and act. The value of serendipity – the ability to surprise and delight – is an important marker of a great experience. New technologies bring a world of possibilities with them to gain deeper insight into how to measure just that.

The consumer experience relies heavily both on what consumers can, and cannot, verbalize. Measuring both is critical to growing strong consumer relationships and providing the best experiences. Traditional methods, such as surveys and interviews, can easily be supplemented with measures of the consumer’s nonconscious responses in iMotions.

How does it work?

By providing multisensor integration into one single platform, we allow researchers to take a multidimensional approach to understand and explain consumer behavior.

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Industry Standard for Consumer Research

BusinessCustomer case

Crispin Haywood and the Shopper Science Lab at GSK wanted to measure consumer behavior in realistic physical shopping environments. Now they can – with eye tracking and other biosensors in iMotions – in order to surface insights of what works and what doesn’t in retail.

Neuroscience for Effective Digital Strategies

BusinessCustomer case

iMotions helps HeyHuman think differently about brands and marketing. By measuring people’s behavior during advertising testing, UX studies, concept development and more, Neuroscience Consultant Aoife McGuinness is able to deliver more nuanced insights and create more engaging content.

A car simulator lab for a Mythbusters experiment, powered by the iMotions API

AcademiaCustomer case

The MythBusters team wanted to determine whether driving while talking hands free is really less dangerous than talking while holding a cell phone. iMotions powered the experiment setup, integrating a car simulator with biosensors. The iMotions API was used to receive trigger events and to send the driver’s biosignal data in sync with their driving actions for further analysis.

A new way to keep advertisers in the game

BusinessCustomer case

SPARK uses the iMotions Platform to track eye movements and measure brain activity (EEG) to analyze players’ visual attention, emotional engagement and frustration levels elicited by ad display during mobile gameplay.

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The iMotions platform

Explore unbiased human responses

iMotions seamlessly integrates emotion recognition technology and biosensor hardware in one place. For every biosensor module you add to your solution, such as Eye Tracking, Galvanic Skin Response, EEG, ECG and Facial Expression Analysis, the more clearer and incisive understanding of human behavior you can unpack.

The software allows stimuli presentation in almost any form, from images, videos, and websites, to real-world settings, VR environments, simulations, and beyond. By presenting all your sensor data synchronized and in real time you save valuable time, allowing you to innovate beyond traditional human behavior research.

The iMotions platform works with any kind of biosensor

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Setting up your first multisensor lab

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With an iMotions license, you will be trained and guided through your onboarding process by a dedicated Motions expert. Learn step by step how to use the iMotions Platform, from downloading the software & setting up a lab, all the way to building a complete research report.

Want to get certified using our software? Then our iMotions Academy is right for you. You will get an in-depth introduction to biosensor-based research and advance your knowledge in behavioral data and methodologies. The training is e-learning or in-house with peers.

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We minimize the research learning curve to help you execute your own high-quality human behavior research in a cost-effective way.

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