Shoppernomics: How to Shorten and Focus the Shoppers Routes to Purchase

Shoppernomics: How to Shorten and Focus the Shoppers’ Routes to Purchase is a book by Roddy Mullin and Colin Harper that aims to help sales and marketing professionals understand and influence the decision-making process of their customers. The book is based on research and case studies from US and UK, and provides a framework for successful shopper marketing.

The book starts with an introduction to the concept of shoppernomics, which is the study of how shoppers behave and what motivates them to buy. The authors explain that shoppers are not rational, but rather emotional, subconscious and influenced by many factors along their journey to purchase. The book then analyses the different types of shoppers, such as loyalists, switchers, bargain hunters and impulse buyers, and how to segment them based on their needs, attitudes and behaviours.

The book then moves on to discuss how to communicate with the shoppers in the future, using various media channels and tools. The authors stress the importance of getting the key messages, key partners and key media all working together, and provide a communication canvas model to help plan and execute effective campaigns. The book also covers topics such as experiential marketing, social media, mobile marketing, sampling, coupons and loyalty programs.

The book concludes with some practical advice on what the brand manager, retailer and supplier should do to implement shoppernomics in their organisations. The authors challenge the traditional budget split between sales and marketing, and argue that both functions should work together to create value for the shopper. The book also suggests some ways to measure the impact of shopper marketing activities on sales, profit and customer satisfaction.

Shoppernomics is a comprehensive and insightful guide for anyone who wants to learn how to shorten and focus the shoppers’ routes to purchase. It offers a wealth of examples, tips and best practices from various industries and markets. It reminds us that shoppers are not just consumers, but human beings with emotions, preferences and habits that can be influenced by smart and creative marketing strategies.

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