iMotions offers workshops and onsite training at research labs within universities and companies interested in applying our eye tracking and biometric software platform into their research programs.

The workshops is customized to fit the lab’s specific research needs and interests. 


To acquire in depth knowledge on how to use Attention Tool from study design, through a qualitative or quantitative analysis. After the workshop participants can effectively conduct eye tracking studies and help others in the organization to apply it.

Break Out Sessions

During the day there will be break out sessions, where participants discuss how eye tracking can be applied to current and future projects they are working on. Furthermore there will be hands on experience on one or more of the the above subjects.

Checkup Eye Tracking Facility

We will go through the eye tracking station at the location, make sure all elements in the research lab setup are up to date, optimized and working properly.


Main points on the standard agenda:

  1. Introduction to eye tracking systems and methodologies
  2. Study planning, study setup, data collection analysis and reporting
  3. Optimize the system for efficient data collection with high quality data
  4. Best practices to avoid common problems
  5. Set up study – stimuli preparation, rotations, inter-slides
  6. Set up and use web camera
  7. Respondent handling, instruction
  8. Monitor data collection process
  9. Create analysis of eye tracking data, options for reporting
  10. Backup and restore, share data across the organization
  11. Implementation of advanced study designs

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  • Analysis of data:

  • In depth eye tracking with quantitative metrics and qualitative tools:
  • Gaze Replay, Heatmaps, Static Areas of Interest (AOI), Dynamic Areas of Interest (videos, dynamic media), Dynamic Heatmap and Beeswarm

Attention tool’s Add on Modules:

  • Sensor Sync Modules
  • Usability Module
  • Survey Module
  • Dynamic Media Module
  • Glasses Module
  • Emotion Module
  • Reading Module
  • Sharing Module

Featured Videos

Workshop at the University of Memphis, USA