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Consumer and user insights

For smarter students and businesses

Educational institutions and commercial businesses alike are aiming towards a deeper understanding of how humans act, make decisions, plan and memorize.

Many are starting to see potential in top emerging neurotechnologies such as wearable biosensors (eye tracking, facial coding, EEG, etc) along with software procedures for data acquisition and analytics.

The integration of biosensor hardware into a unified software platform like iMotions easily transforms real-time human reactions during an experience into accurate user and consumer insights. Insights that you cannot obtain through survey and focus group research where people rely on their memory or can be biased in their responses.

It’s the perfect opportunity for concrete projects between university colleges and local business looking for next level insight and collaboration.


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This is a field that will only rise in demand

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Benefits for Teachers 

  • Attractive high-tech package to offer students across multidisciplinary subjects
  • Match the right technology with your teaching objectives on data analytics, consumer behavior or new technologies
  • Emotional AI including real-time non-conscious data sets to explain human behavior in real-world settings
  • Greater collaboration with businesses to offer research they are currently unable to undertake
  • Affordable time-optimized and on-campus projects that ensure validated success

Benefits for Students

  • Great possibility for students to get close to business life and deliver useful, valid and eye-opening results as part of their internship
  • New perspectives on top emerging technologies and students’ future careers
  • Opportunity to specialize in behavioral research and consumer neuroscience with a broad variety of application areas such as UX, marketing, health and engineering

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iMotions makes it easy to offer neurotechnology as an applied science. We have made it practical and easy for you to get started:

  • Attend our 5-day Academy course: test multi-sensor technology and try our behavioral software. All iMotions equipment will be available while performing your own studies of interest, assisted by our skilled PhDs and product specialists

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My impression is that business academies have particularly good opportunities to take on an advisory role in their local business community thanks to tools like iMotions

Thomas Hildebrand Christiansen
Research Manager at Rynkeby Foods

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