Tobii X60 & X120

The Tobii X60 and X120 is a stand-alone system which requires an external monitor or projector recommended for studies that require larger setups such shelves, in-store displays and outdoor ads.

Supported by iMotions

(no longer sold)

Manufacturer: Tobii

Model: X60 & X120

Module Compatibility:

Screen-based Eye Tracking, Reading, Arousal (Emotion)

Tobii X60 & X120

Hardware Specifications

Eye Tracking Unit        
Sample rate 60 Hz
Accuracy 0.5°
Recovery time 300 ms
Mount type N/A
Screen size N/A
Operating Distance 50 – 80 cm
Head movement 44 x 22 cm at 70 cm
Pupil size Yes
Distance Yes
Connection type LAN,  Power
Data processing N/A
Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 32 x 8.5 x 16.3 cm

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