Tobii Mobile Device Stand

Tobii Pro Mobile Device Stand is designed to be used with a Tobii Pro X2-30/X2-60/X3-120 Eye Tracker (no other types of eye trackers can or should be used together with the stand), and a Windows computer running the Tobii Studio software. Note: No eye tracker or analysis computer with Tobii Studio is included. An entire mobile device testing solution comprises Tobii Pro Mobile Device Stand, one X2-30, X2-60 or X3-120 eye tracker and the computer running Tobii Studio.

Manufacturer: Tobii

Model: Mobile Device Stand

Module Compatibility: 

Scene Camera Module

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Tobii Mobile Device Stand

Hardware Specifications

Device Stand
Compatible eye trackers Tobii X2-30, Tobii X2-60 and Tobii Pro X3-120 (not included)
Supported devices Devices up to 31.9 cm (12.6″) in diameter can be rotated 360°. In a fixed position, devices measuring up to 31.9 cm (12.6”) in height
Configurations Equipment for eight different configurations optimized for different devices and setups
Scene camera Full HD USB camera, Logitech C920 HD, supports 1920 x 1080p and lower resolutions
Sound recording Through the scene camera using built-in dual stereo microphones
Position of eye tracker Two positions (high and low), 8 cm (3.1″) in-between positions. Moves the head movement box 8 cm (3.1″)
Mounting solution 27° (10° forward, 17° backward), to adjust for participant height
Stand dimensions Footprint: 42 × 25 cm (16.5 x 9.8″)
Height Maximum 68 cm (26.8″)
Stand construction Durable aluminium and steel components
Weight 13.8 kg (30.4 lbs.)
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