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Sophisticated survey methodologies with advanced biometrics

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With best-in-class survey design capabilities and the deeper consumer insights with biometric sensors, the iMotions-Qualtrics solution gives you the true full picture !


Take your insights to new heights


Humans are emotional beings and driven by subconscious reactions that determine how we think, feel and act. Most of our decisions and actions we make are influenced by our emotions. Yet traditional survey methods provide little insight into the actual emotions behind our reactions. Biometric measurements bridge this gap.

qualtrics survey integration

Out of the box – Easy to use solution


Qualtrics insights platform is seamlessly integrated to iMotions biometric platform. iMotions launches Qualtrics software within its user interface allowing researchers to get the full Qualtrics experience to design and place the surveys slides at any desired point of the study. Furthermore the two platforms link the biometric data and survey data automatically by passing respondent and study information between each other

Combine Qualtrics sensors

Include metrics of visual attention, motivation, arousal, valence and engagement to enhance Qualtrics surveys


iMotions biometric research platform integrates best-in-class eye tracking, facial expression recognition, EEG, GSR and more biometric measurements to Qualtrics insight surveys platform to provide a complete view of an individual reactions and behavior.

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Robert Atkinson
“In our Advancing Next Generation Learning Environments (ANGLE) lab, we employ state-of-the-art eye tracking systems and a large variety of biometric sensors (EEG, GSR). One of the major obstacles is the process of synchronizing the EEG and GSR signals with the eye tracking data. Fortunately, this is now done automatically in iMotions. As a result, we save considerable time and, more importantly, secure high quality data.”
Robert Atkinson, PhD, Associate Professor at Arizona State University

Main platform features

Presentation of stimuli

Presentation of Stimuli

Present images, videos, websites, screen recordings, real world products, scene recordings

Sophisticated study design

Sophisticated Study Designs

Full flexibility with any study setup with randomizations, block designs, test plans, group rotations and more.

Quality assurance

Real-Time Synchronization

All biosensor streams and stimuli are real time synchronized in iMotions. No more manual synchronization of data sets.

Export all raw data

Export Raw Data

Export all collected data in sync with stimuli and other sensors in .txt format for easily import into MatLab and other statistical programs.

Quality assurance

Quality Assurance

iMotions outputs data collection quality at any given time to monitor and ensure the validity of the studies.

Live or post markers

Live or Post Markers

Mark important happenings during data collection or in replay mode to facilitate the analysis.

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