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Predicting Takeover Performance in Conditionally Automated Driving
Affect and exertion during incremental physical exercise: Examining changes using automated facial action analysis and experiential self-report
Mobile and stationary eye tracking comparison – package design and in-store results
Influences of sensory attribute intensity, emotional responses, and non-sensory factors on purchase intent toward mixed-vegetable juice products under informed tasting condition
Validating Physiological Stress Detection Model Using Cortisol as Stress Bio Marker
Explicit and Implicit Measures in Video Quality Assessment
Framing effective cause-related marketing message online
Measurements of Galvanic Skin Response on Subjects Affected by Stress
Towards a conceptual framework for analysing impression management during face-to-face communication
Pictorial content, sequence of conflicting online reviews and consumer decision-making: The stimulus-organism-response model revisited
PRIME: Block-Wise Missingness Handling for Multi-modalities in Intelligent Tutoring Systems
I Can See It in Your Face. Affective Valuation of Exercise in More or Less Physically Active Individuals