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Sponsor message processing in live broadcasts—A pilot study on the role of game outcome uncertainty and emotions
Viewing Natural vs. Urban Images and Emotional Facial Expressions: An Exploratory Study
The Impact of Culture on Visual Design Perception
Emotions in Reading and Learning from Texts: Progress and Open Problems
A Sound Prediction: EEG-Based Neural Synchrony Predicts Online Music Streams
The Influence of Admiration on Intentions to Visit and Recommend a Destination: The Moderating Role of Negative Basic Emotions
Exploiting Micro Facial Expressions for More Inclusive User Interfaces
Methodological Considerations for Understanding Students’ Problem Solving Processes and Affective Trajectories During Game-Based Learning: A Data Fusion Approach
Mapping of 3D Eye Tracking in Urban Outdoor Environments
Affective Computing in Space Design
Sport and Cultural Events: Willingness to Pay, Facial Expressions and Skin Response