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UiT the Arctic University of Norway, University of Surrey

Value co-creation in sustainable tourism: A service-dominant logic approach

Xavier Font, Rosa English, Alkmini Gkritzali, Wen Tian

To mainstream sustainability, we need to understand the value gained from sustainability by users. We apply a user-centered design methodology to develop an agile, iterative, incremental, and reflexive process to understand the sustainability value proposition for Lufthansa City Center travel agents. We analyse the failure of sustainability communications within the online platforms used by these agents and explore why the agents factor out sustainability information during the customer sales process. We identify how agents and customers understand sustainability, and we explore opportunities to co-create sustainability value. Furthermore, we prototype, and then test, methods of empowering travel agents to communicate sustainability to their customers as a value-adding proposition.

The participants were instructed to complete three on-screen tasks and we followed up with a face-to-face interview. The on-screen tasks were executed through the iMotions software platform integrated with the tobii eye tracker x2-30 (iMotions, 2019). The three tasks required the participants to conduct increasingly complex comparisons.

User-centred design,Value co-creation, Value in use, Sustainability, Customers, Distribution channels

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