All the B-Alert AT-Series wireless EEG headsets deliver high-quality, dependable signals in portable, easy-to-use designs.



Ultra-Portable 4 Channel Wireless EEG Headset. The B-Alert AT4 wireless EEG headset features a compact form factor to maximize ease-of-use and comfort in real-world environments. The system delivers real-time, second-by-second B-Alert Cognitive State Metrics. Three channels of high-quality EEG, plus 1 optional channel for ECG, EMG, or EOG (4 Channels @ 256Hz). Typically used for HR+HRV.



Mobile 10-Channel Wireless EEG Headset. The B-Alert AT10 is the premiere solution for mobile EEG applications, delivering a balance of functionality and simplicity. The 9-channel combination of mid-line and lateral EEG sites allows for multiple analysis opportunities to meet the needs of researchers across many fields. Nine channels of high-quality EEG, plus 1 optional channel for ECG, EMG, or EOG (10 Channels @ 256Hz). Typically used for HR+HRV.



Flexible 24 Channel Wireless EEG Headset. The B-Alert AT24 combines power and flexibility for mobile neurophysiological monitoring offering two interchangeable, pre-configured sensor strips — each of which assures individualized fit and accurate site placement across subjects. Twenty channels of high-quality EEG, plus 4 optional channel for used for any one or combination of ECG, EOG, EMG (24 Channels @ 256Hz).


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“We have been using the iMotions – Attention Tool platform for more than a year now along with the bio sensors currently supported. Over the last year we have gained some valuable insights and are now ready to take a step up and that’s why we have brought B-Alert into our lab to use with the Attention Tool software platform. It’s a great fit within the Attention Tool platform upholding all ease-of-use expectations.”

Dr. Atkinson from the ANGLE Lab at Arizona State University

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