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Aurora Expansion Box

Timing accuracy is vital in the field of neuroscience and psychology research. To perfect that, we are pleased to introduce the Aurora Expansion Box. This additional hardware allows the Aurora to receive 8-bit markers. These markers are time stamped within the Aurora with an accuracy of 20 µs, with respect to the eye tracker data, and can thus be used to accurately synchronize the eye tracker data output with other sensors such as EEG.

Technical Specs Highlights:

  • 8-bit markers
  • Millisecond accuracy
  • The Expansion Box makes the Aurora Compatible with Chronos response pad of Psychology Software Tools, and StimTracker from Cedrus

Ensure Scientific Integrity With The iMotions Eye Tracking Module

  • Hardware agnostic
  • Advanced analytics
  • Built-in QA
  • Real-time visualization
  • Website testing
  • Advanced areas of interest
  • Automated metrics
  • Scene recording and editing
  • Mobile device eye tracking
  • Data export
  • Gaze mapping
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