Attention Tool 5.2 comes with 2 new hardware integrations, the powerful Shimmer 3 GSR and Heart Rate wireless sensor and the affordable GazePoint GP3 eye tracker. The release is also powered with the latest Emotient FACET 2.1 facial expression analysis engine with a wide range of updates such as live calibration and new emotion channels for frustration and confusion. Finally a brand new software module for Mobile and Tablet Device Testing (Scene Camera function), which extends Attention Tool’s biometric research capabilities into the evaluation of physical objects and mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. The scene camera function can be used with any combination of sensors, e.g. eye tracking and facial expressions analysis.

Attention Tool is a plug and play, biometric research platform created specifically for scientific, usability, gaming and market research. Clients may use any sensor configuration needed for studies, via iMotions’ powerful stimuli presentation and data collection, aggregation, and analysis engine, which is the heart of the system.  Allowing clients to easily use and synchronize data from a large variety of sensors like eye trackers, EEG headsets, GSR and Heart rate sensors as well as Facial expression analysis algorithms. The iMotions engine is designed to meet a broad range of research needs. It makes it easy to get started for students gaining their first experiences with biometric research as well as meeting the advanced needs of the senior researcher.

On top of supporting Shimmer 3 GSR, GazePoint eye tracking and Mobile device testing the new release also includes a major upgrade of the API. It is now possible to live import sensor data or metrics to be synchronized, visualized and/or live exported to e.g. 3D environments, gaming applications and other software applications. The API can also function as a feedback loop system, where data can be live streamed out of Attention Tool to a 3rd party application and then fed back into Attention Tool.

“Our team is truly excited about this release, which enables the worlds best researchers to work more efficiently with biometric studies than ever before allowing more time to innovate and build new revolutionizing metrics and solutions”.  says Peter Hartzbech, Founder & CEO, iMotions A/S

About iMotions A/S (

iMotions is an eye tracking and biometric sensor software platform company originally founded in 2005, headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark with a US office at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. iMotions develops and markets Attention Tool®, which is the most comprehensive, easy to use and scalable bio sensor and eye tracking software platform in the world. The platform is designed with and for Market Research companies, Universities, Usability Labs and Gaming companies. iMotions has clients in 35 countries and many major Brands, Corporations and Universities use its Attention Tool software such as Harvard University, Yale University, P&G and Nestle.