lMotions’ leading hardware agnostic eye tracking software for research and usability, Attention Tool®, has now been extended with a glasses module that supports import from Tobii Technology and Applied Science Laboratories (ASL). In addition the data collection platform has had major upgrades and the Dynamic Media Module feature set (moving AOI’s) has been widely expanded, both in options for usage and visualizations.

Eye tracking glasses have over the last years been applied in more research and usability studies than ever before, both in universities and corporations. The data collection process is easier with auto calibration and glasses lighter to wear than ever before. The challenge in the industry is however the difficulty of processing and analysing the data. With the major upgrade of the Dynamic Media Module (Moving AOI’s) clients can now make fast and easy analysis for their studies by importing the glasses data into Attention Tool.

“With the new glasses module, existing and new users of eye tracking glasses can import new AND old studies as well as utilise the easy to use Attention Tool eye tracking platform. Our clients can now enjoy an even more comprehensive platform and combine more technologies than ever before” says CEO & Founder, Peter Hartzbech.

About iMotions – Eye Tracking A/S (imotions.com)

iMotions is an eye tracking software company originally founded in 2005 and headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark and with a US office at MIT in Cambridge, USA. iMotions has reseller representation in Asia and Latin America. iMotions develops and markets Attention Tool®, which is the most comprehensive, easy to use and scalable eye tracking software platform available in the market today. The platform is targeted at Market Research companies, Universities and Usability Agencies. iMotions has clients in 24 countries and many major brands, corporations and Universities use the Attention Tool software.