iMotions’ leading hardware agnostic eye tracking software for research, Attention Tool®, has now been extended with the new Sensor Sync Module, which introduces the Worlds first fully integrated and synchronized EEG and eye tracking solution.

The comprehensive and easy to use software platform, Attention Tool, now also supports fully integrated EEG signals which allows researchers to know how the brain responds when the eye gaze is on specific areas of a stimuli such as video, images, websites etc. The EEG integration is full plug and play and the researcher gets access to both REAL TIME EEG output AND EYE TRACKING data. The researcher can also use the easy export function, which by a click of a button can align EEG channels, Pupil data and gaze data.

“This is an exciting addition to our platform and many current eye tracking users have struggled with the EEG synchronisation for years and now they have a fast and easy way to do this. This can make a big difference in the amount of papers being done in the area for medical, psychological and market research” says CEO & Founder, Peter Hartzbech.

In this 4.5 release, iMotions also introduce 3 new eye tracker types. The software now also supports the Tobii X1 Light, the EyeTech VT2 Mini and the Mirametrix S2 eye trackers. The Usability module has also been widely extended with automated website and screen recording analysis, which can save clients up to 80% of their time when conducting website studies.

Watch the video of Attention Tool eye tracking and EEG integration here: