iMotions’ leading eye tracking software for research, Attention Tool®, has now been extended with the new survey- and usability modules. The survey module allows the researcher to integrate surveys into the eye-tracking test so the survey and eye tracking data are collected all together. The web-usability extension supports scrolling of webpages and provides rich information about user events during browsing. In addition an improved raw data and metric export functionality has been added to easily and reliably fit multiple formats for the researchers.

The comprehensive and easy to use software platform, Attention Tool, now also supports fully integrated surveys. The module gives the universities and market research companies full flexibility when setting up complex studies, where synchronised answering time and other survey metrics are needed to generate useful scientific and commercial reports. This also saves time and makes the testing process simpler – the data is stored and accessed to and from one place.

“Many universities conduct complex surveys with tasks and other cues and Attention tool now fully supports this feature. It can both help with liking scales, recall and buying intention ratings, multiple-choice questions and other general questions and tasks. The software picks up all the respondent input and by the click of a button the client have all the survey data together with their eye tracking reports. Due to it’s ease of use, flexibility and scalability the researcher can use many machines simultaneously and the survey module is powerful enough to even deliver value as a standalone survey software without combining it with eye tracking studies” says CEO & Founder, Peter Hartzbech.

The upgraded usability module includes a new sophisticated compensation for scrolling on a website and a new zooming functionality in the analysis section, so now the clients can benefit from full page heat maps and still use the easy to use easy and fast workflows. In addition the software tracks and illustrates all the mouse clicks and other events that a respondent goes through and hereby makes it very fast and easy to generate reports and conclusions.

“With the newly introduced VT2 Eye tracking bundle, the usability module introduces a strong solution for creating high quality web usability studies and yet being available at an affordable price level, so also smaller usability agencies, digital agencies and corporations can leverage their client offerings even more by applying eye tracking to their research portfolio”, says CEO & Founder, Peter Hartzbech.

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