Copenhagen (November 24, 2006)—iMotions – Emotion Technology A/S, the leading developer of objective, non‐intrusive emotional response software, announced that it has been nominated in the Start‐up category for the Danish Entrepreneur of the Year Award, sponsored by Ernst & Young.

“We’re very excited to be considered for this prestigious award. Having based iMotions on American and European best practices for start‐ups, this nomination confirms the validity of our entrepreneurial model,” says iMotions Co‐founder and CEO Peter Hartzbech.

iMotions flagship product, Emotion Tool, is used by the Advertising and Marketing Research industries. Working in conjunction with sophisticated eye‐tracking hardware, the software measures emotional response (what consumers feel when looking at an ad or product) and visual attention (what consumers see when looking at an ad or product).

“We have an international team that has been working energetically with both software development and business development. Their skills and dedication have allowed us to develop and deliver our software in just 18 months,” according to Co‐founder and CTO Jakob de Lemos. “We are very proud of our team and their accomplishments.”

iMotions is following a successful entrepreneurial plan, having gathered investors, an active Board of Directors, and an active Advisory Board to help the company achieve its goals within a short time frame. “Starting a company is never easy, and a software company with a disruptive technology is particularly difficult because of the long development phase before the product is ready to be sold. It takes capital and talent to be successful. We have a very global perspective at iMotions, and knew from the beginning that we would market our product worldwide. So having an international staff was an important part of our plan,” says Peter Hartzbech.

“A major American marketing research company recently purchased several Emotion Tool software licenses, confirming that our technology and sales efforts are right on track. Being nominated by Ernst & Young is an acknowledgment of these efforts,” adds Peter Hartzbech.

About iMotions

iMotions – Emotion Technology A/S is the developer of Emotion Tool, the world’s first objective, non‐intrusive, reliable software to measure human emotional response to visual stimuli such as print ads, Direct Marketing material, and brochures. The software, which also measures visual attention, uses data from a standard eye tracking monitor. Emotion Tool version 1.1 is currently being marketed to the Advertising and Marketing Research industries worldwide.

Founded in 2005 by CEO Peter Hartzbech and CTO Jakob de Lemos, iMotions is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company currently employs 18 people representing 8 countries.