We know if you have read this text! Attention Tool 3.0 introduces Reading Metrics and Study SharingiMotions announces the release of its highly innovative new generation eye tracking software platform Attention Tool® 3.0.

Attention Tool® takes eye tracking within market research to a higher level by adding Reading Metrics to the package of traditional Eye Tracking Metrics and Emotion Metrics. Among other exciting functions the new release of Attention Tool® also features Study Sharing, which enables the users to run large scale studies on multiple locations simultaneously.

Reading Metrics

One of the key questions asked in eye tracking research is whether the consumers really read or are able to read the messages in the communication. Using the Reading Metrics in the Attention Tool® software, it is now possible to conduct an automated reading analysis within minutes in an intuitive straight-forward way.

“Unlike traditional eye tracking metrics this new generation of eye tracking metrics for consumer insights provides the marketer with new tools for analyzing how and why you look. Our new highly innovative reading metrics give the marketer direct applicable insight on consumer comprehension and readability of the communication – empowering the marketer to make better decisions when it comes to selecting the optimal product design or campaign for a new product”, says Jakob de Lemos, CTO, Eye Tracking Specialist, iMotions.

Study Sharing

To collect data at high volume with a short turnaround is essential to keep the cost down. With the Study Sharing, you can browse your eye tracking network, follow a study progress and continuously add, merge and analyze the data collected at any of your eye tracking locations.

“With the Study Sharing functionality and our 12 US mall-recruitment Attention Tool® data collection sites, we are now able to provide eye tracking data and metrics to our clients from across the US with a turnaround time of not weeks but hours”, explains Paul Cunningham, President, CRG Global Inc.

“Our vision with the Study Sharing functionality is to get eye tracking scalable, so our clients can make fast and efficient decisions in the early stage innovation phase, where it has been difficult to generate objective and reliable insights with current methodologies. Now the global data production layer is in place and we can focus on even more value adding features for our clients. The initial feedback has been overwhelming” explains Peter Hartzbech, CEO, iMotions.

The new solution is now available from iMotions for the FMCG and Market Research Industries. Attention Tool® clients currently include many world-leading opinion leaders within the FMCG and Market Research Industries. Find more info at www.attentiontool.com.