iMotions leading eye tracking and biometric research platform, Attention Tool, now makes it possible for market, usability and academic researchers to synchronize data from GSR devices, EEG headsets, surveys and facial expression analysis with eye tracking data from ASL’s series of remote and mobile eye trackers.


Applied Science Laboratories (ASL Eye Tracking) has been a leading developer of eye tracking solutions for researchers worldwide in academic and market research for over 30 years. The integration of Attention Tool with ASL’s remote D6 and Mobile Eye-XG eye trackers enables current and future ASL users to do eye tracking studies in combination with EEG, GSR and FACS facial expression analysis, thereby leveraging the full strength of both the ASL eye tracking equipment and the iMotions eye tracking and biometric analysis software.


“For more than three decades we have been working with eye tracking and servicing our clients with the finest eye tracking equipment. We are now seeing a growing demand for combining eye tracking data with data from other types of biometric sensors as well as facial expression analysis. The integration between Attention Tool and ASL eye tracking equipment helps us service this demand,”said Virgina Salem, Director of Customer Service, from ASL.


iMotions CEO & Founder, Peter Hartzbech adds, “We have seen a growing interest in expanding Attention Tool’s plug and play support with eye tracking equipment from additional vendors. We have listened to the market and chosen to integrate eye trackers from ASL due to their long history in the high end market. Going forward, this integration will add even more exciting research opportunities for organizations that want to combine eye tracking, EEG, GSR and facial expression analysis in scientific research, marketing research, usability testing and neurogaming.”


About iMotions A/S

iMotions is an eye tracking and biometric software platform company originally founded in 2005, headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark with a US office at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. iMotions develops and markets Attention Tool, which is the most comprehensive, easy to use and scalable eye tracking and biometric research platform in the world. The platform which is targeted at Market, Academic, Usability and Gaming research is used worldwide by leading brand owners and research institutions.


About Applied Science Laboratories, Inc.

Applied Science Laboratories (ASL) in Bedford, Massachusetts, is the recognized authority in the field of eye tracking technology. The Mobile Eye-XG and a comprehensive EYE-TRAC® suite of versatile solutions designed and manufactured by ASL are used worldwide in academic research, market research and industrial markets. ASL’s innovations include: desktop optics with head motion compensation, portable, wearable devices, eye/head integration, long range optics for fMRI and revolutionary data analysis options. With dynamic, scalable and innovative solutions delivered with world-class customer support, ASL continues to be the complete eye tracking hardware, software and professional services provider.