iMotions’ leading eye tracking software for market research, Attention Tool®, is now compatible with the VT2 eye tracker from EyeTech Digital Systems and provides a substantial lower cost for getting started with eye tracking studies in the market research and usability industries. The bundled solution will still secure high quality, reliable and objective eye tracking data.

iMotions, a world leader in eye tracking software, and EyeTech, a main player in the eye tracking hardware industry, have after extensive validation and field testing, integrated their flagship products, iMotions – Attention Tool® and EyeTech’s VT2 eye tracker. The combined solution is now available from iMotions.

The new VT2 eye tracker will be bundled into a full plug-and-play package, which will be very easy for new clients to get started with. The package will include the EyeTech VT2 eye tracker and iMotions Attention Tool Software pre-installed on a laptop PC and includes a screen, webcam and hard sided case for a completely mobile lab, which is easy to set-up. In addition the VT2 tracker will also be able to be running with Attention Tool’s sophisticated Study Sharing module, which allow clients to push large studies to multiple machines and hereby build scaled eye tracking networks.

“iMotions has been fighting for many years to be able to bring the price point down for eye tracking hardware options while still maintaining high quality data.  The high quality software from iMotions combined with EyeTech’s powerful and easy to use EyeTech VT2 eye tracker will allow companies to scale their research while still maintaining high quality eye gaze data. This is a great solution for corporations and market research agencies that do not have a budget above USD 50,000 for getting started with their first tests. With the new bundle the starting package is approximately half of that price.

In addition, we are very excited that iMotions as the only company in the world can support the three largest hardware manufacturers in the Eye Tracking Industry and be present in both the high performance segment and the lower priced segment”, explains Peter Hartzbech, CEO & Founder of iMotions.

“Our VT2 eye tracker provides a flexible plug and play solution for the Attention Tool® and will be a powerful and yet affordable alternative to the higher priced eye trackers in the market. We are excited that we can now tap into a new market, where iMotions has many years of experience and client success. I believe that we can also help iMotions in the US market, since we have more than 15 years of experience serving American clients” says Robert Chappell, CEO  & Founder of EyeTech.

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iMotions is the World leader in eye tracking software and services for market research and usability. iMotions develop and market Attention Tool®, which is the most robust, easy to use and scalable eye tracking software platform in the World. iMotions was originally founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark and Bangalore, India and has reseller representation in Australia, Asia and Latin America.

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EyeTech is based in Mesa and in was founded in 1996 by Robert Chappell and Melinda Trego. EyeTech has had many successes during its 15 years in the eye tracking industry and been the first in the market to achieve substantial results: First eye tracker to run under Windows, First eye tracker to completely replace the mouse providing functions for movement, clicking, and dragging, First eye tracker to do all the image processing on a general purpose PC, No extra hardware required for processing, First high-accuracy eye tracker to be offered for less than $20,000.