iMotions’ leading hardware agnostic eye tracking and biosensor software platform for research and usability, Attention Tool®, now makes it possible to synchronize eye tracking data and other sensors with EEG data from Advanced Brain Monitoring’s line of easy-to-use, wireless EEG headsets. 

AttentionTool’s support of eye tracking studies combined with biometric sensors has been very well received in the market. However, there has been a growing demand from existing as well as potential clients to add high-end yet easy-to-use wireless EEG headsets to the platform. Dr. Atkinson from the ANGLE Lab at Arizona State University elaborates:

“We have been using the iMotions – Attention Tool platform for more than a year now along with the bio sensors currently supported. Over the last year we have gained some valuable insights and are now ready to take a step up and that’s why we have brought B-Alert into our lab to use with the Attention Tool software platform. It’s clear how access to broader EEG frequencies and all aspects of the data will open up more complete and verifiable understanding of subject response.  It’s a great fit within the Attention Tool platform upholding all ease-of-use expectations.”

The new upgraded Attention Tool platform with B-Alert support will be officially released in June 2013 but can already be ordered now.

“We have seen a growing demand for using the Attention Tool platform along with biometric sensors. We have listened to the clients and chosen to integrate the B-Alert high-fidelity wireless EEG headsets with our platform. Going forward this integration will add even more exciting research opportunities and understanding for organizations that want to combine eye tracking and EEG in scientific research, marketing research, usability and neurogaming” says Founder & CEO, Peter Hartzbech.

“Attention Tool is an intuitive fit for integrating B-Alert’s robust neurophysiological signals and validated Cognitive State Metrics within a platform designed to evaluate responses to a variety of stimuli,” explains ABM CEO & Co-Founder Chris Berka. “It makes technical sense because B-Alert matches the data integrity professional researchers expect from their eye trackers and delivers multiple streams of neural data reflecting sensory, cognitive and emotional processes .  ABM’s in-house research team already has plans to put it to use in upcoming studies.”

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iMotions is an eye tracking and biometric software platform company originally founded in 2005 with headquarter in Copenhagen, Denmark and a US office at MIT in Cambridge, USA. iMotions has reseller representation in Asia and Latin America. iMotions develops and markets Attention Tool®, which is the most comprehensive, easy to use and scalable eye tracking software platform available in the market today. The platform is targeted at Market Research companies, Universities, Usability Labs and Gaming developers. iMotions has clients in 24 countries and many major Brands, Corporations and Universities use the Attention Tool software for research and usability testing.

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Advanced Brain Monitoring’s Neurotechnology group develops and commercializes advanced wireless EEG headsets, physiological monitoring systems, and bioelectric signal acquisition & processing software designed to address the needs of researchers and clinicians.   The team leads and partners in a wide range of neuroscience and human factors research worldwide. Headquartered in Carlsbad, CA, Advanced Brain Monitoring is a privately-held industry leader focused on developing innovative solutions for the diagnosis and treatment of sleep, neurological, and psychiatric disorders. The Company has been named to the Inc. 5000 fastest growing U.S. companies for five consecutive years.