CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (Sep. 16, 2014) – iMotions, the creator of the leading biometric and eye tracking research platform Attention Tool® has announced that it now supports the StimTracker by Cedrus for a high precision time stamp of EEG data.

Attention Tool is a plug and play platform that makes it possible for researchers to synchronize biometric data from a variety of sensors, including EEG headsets, eye-trackers, GSR devices, as well as facial expression analysis. Combined with the data synchronization capabilities of Attention Tool, the StimTracker provides a solution for researchers requiring highly precise synchronization in a between EEG data and stimulus presentation. For example, a scientist running an ERP analysis can now achieve the timing accuracy needed between the onset of screen stimuli and the EEG data.

“Our rapidly growing client portfolio have shown more and more interest in millisecond precision when working with EEG and eye tracking in Attention Tool. We have now made sure that this need is solved for our clients by partnering with Cedrus and the StimTracker”, said Peter Hartzbech, CEO of iMotions. “The StimTracker is already a proven synchronization device across the globe. By being integrated in Attention Tool, it will now be utilized in brand new areas within biometric research”

“It has always been Cedrus’ goal to make StimTracker universal and compatible with as many EEG head sets, eye trackers, and other research tools as possible”, said Hisham Abboud, CEO of Cedrus. “StimTracker’s new compatibility with iMotions Attention Tool platform is a big leap forward towards that goal”.

About iMotions A/S (
iMotions is an eye tracking and biometric sensor software platform company originally founded in 2005, headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark with a US office at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. iMotions develops and markets Attention Tool®, which is the most comprehensive, easy to use and scalable bio sensor and eye tracking software platform available in the market today. The platform is designed with and for Market Research companies, Universities, Usability Labs and Gaming companies. iMotions has clients in 37 countries and many major Brands, Corporations and Universities use its Attention Tool software such as Harvard University, Yale University, P&G and Nestle.

About Cedrus Corporation (
Cedrus is the developer of SuperLab, a leading stimulus presentation software, desktop and fMRI-compatible response pads, and StimTracker. Founded in 1991, it is headquartered in San Pedro, California. Cedrus’s have been sold in over 75 countries.