iMotions is proud to announce the introduction of a new ultra portable and super precise, leightweight bundle. The new bundle is a plug and play eye tracking mobile lab powered with EyeTech’s Mini VT2 eye tracker and iMotions’ Attention Tool@ Standard License and Usability Module. The bundle starts at only USD 22,925.

If you always wanted to start with eye tracking, but thought it was way too expensive, now it’s time to get started and we have even introduced very flexible payment schemes, so you do not have to pay it all up front!


Neuroscience Add On Possibilitiy

Attention Tool Sensor Sync Module can be added to the bundle to make it a neuroscience eye tracking mobile lab. This module provides a full plug & play integration with multiple bio sensors such as EEG. Attention Tool provides you with real time sensor output and eye tracking gaze. In addition you get synchronized raw data export by the click of a button.




EyeTech VT2 Eye Tracker Possibility

The bundle is mainly targeted to open up new possibilities for the usability and research industries but it also works with the EyeTech VT 2 eye tracker which targets better the market research industry.