BOSTON, MA (January 26, 2016) – iMotions announces the latest release of iMotions 6, the world-leading Biometric Research Platform

iMotions is excited to release iMotions 6, the biggest upgrade so far with numerous core  improvements enabling researchers to run studies more efficiently with even more sensors and metrics, analyze data easier and extract more valuable results from human behavior studies.

One of the main features in iMotions 6 is the updated user interface that creates a sleek, modern look and optimizes the user experience while at the same time being intuitive to use and more streamlined than ever.

A groundbreaking improvement is the generation of static and dynamic heatmaps from mobile eye tracking recordings. This is powered by even smarter computer vision and object recognition technologies implemented in the automated Area of Interest functionality, allowing researchers to create static and dynamic heatmaps for data from eye tracking glasses, gaming and virtual environment studies, videos, and much more. Clients report analysis times being reduced by over 80% compared to manual tracking procedures.

iMotions 6 offers a tight integration with the BIOPAC MP hardware series and compatible amplifier modules. BIOPAC is one of the world leaders and most validated companies within the field of biometric research. The integration will enable researchers to combine high end GSR/EDA, ECG, EMG, and respiration sensors from BIOPAC with eye tracking, facial expression analysis, EEG, and stimulus presentation in iMotions. Live synchronization and visualization as well as multi-sensor analysis capabilities within one single system will significantly speed up study execution and boost research insights.

iMotions 6 includes further optimizations and exciting features such as the integration of the Cedrus Response Pads for response time measurements in reaction-based studies as well as enhanced  graph customization, improved survey editor tools, and much more.


“We at iMotions are constantly improving and want to make it much easier to extract value from human behavior research with biometric devices. With its new features, iMotions becomes an even more powerful tool and enables researchers to step up their game. We are especially excited about the recent integrations of BIOPAC, expanding our partner network and making our software even more exciting,” says Peter Hartzbech, CEO of iMotions.



About iMotions A/S
iMotions develops and markets the world-leading iMotions Biometric Research Platform, enabling researchers around the globe to execute multi-sensor human behavior research. Academics and industries such as neuromarketing, gaming, medical and Fortune 500 corporations utilize iMotions state-of-the-art Biometric Research Platform to elevate insights into human behavior with eye tracking, facial expression analysis, EEG, GSR/EDA, ECG, EMG, and survey technologies. Founded in 2005, iMotions has offices in Copenhagen (Denmark) and Boston (US) with its solutions being utilized in over 40 countries across the globe within leading academic institutions like Yale, Harvard, Stanford, MIT and brands like P&G, Nestlé, and Kraft.