Boston, MA (October 9, 2015) – iMotions, the world’s leading biometric research platform, is pleased to announce a major software release of iMotions 5.7, which includes the innovative integration of automated areas of interest for eye tracking glasses, live visualization for Tobii Glasses 2, Affectiva facial expression analysis integration, as well as the addition of other hardware integrations and platform improvements. With the new features added to the platform, iMotions enables human behavior researchers to even further accelerate their research. 


iMotions is rolling out unprecedented automated area of interest (AOI) tracking on glasses data. Using sophisticated image and object recognition functionality, the software automatically fixates the AOI’s to objects of interest while respondents freely move around in an environment. Beta tests have shown that researchers save an estimated 75% of their time analyzing glasses data using the automated AOI’s instead of the current manual process. Researchers will now also be able to live synchronize and visualize Tobii Glasses 2 eye tracking data with biometric sensors such as EEG, GSR and more.

Affectiva, a market leader in facial expression analysis for Market Researchers, is also now supported in the iMotions software suite, allowing market researchers to enhance collection of emotion analytics with biometric sensors like EEG, GSR and eye tracking.

Finally, iMotions is adding support for automatic GSR aggregation functionality with peak detection for easier analysis of GSR data, as well as integration of the brand new Tobii Pro X3-120, 120 hz, eye tracker.

I am especially excited about this new 5.7 release because it includes brand new innovations which our team has worked very hard on for years. We are the first in the world to introduce a state-of-the-art automated areas of interest functionality, which will revolutionize eye tracking glasses research and significantly lower the burden of analysis, and help scale up the use of eye tracking glasses in combination with biometric sensors. This will push the boundaries of research, and will facilitate research moving out of the lab environment and into real-world scenarios. Being able to announce this feature proves once again that iMotions listens to the needs of our customers and that we clearly are the world’s leading biometric research platform,” says Peter Hartzbech, Founder & CEO of iMotions.

About iMotions A/S

iMotions powers researchers in more than 50 countries and enables them to execute research within eye tracking, facial expression analysis, GSR, EEG, ECG, EMG and self-reporting in one simple to use software platform. It helps researchers to conduct state-of-the-art human behavior research in the areas of Psychology, Neuroscience, Human Factors Engineering, Education, Health, Business and Human Computer Interaction. The platform which is targeted at Market, Academic, Usability and Gaming research is used worldwide by large clients like MIT, Harvard, Stanford universities and P&G, Nestle and Kraft to elevate their research.