A pioneer in innovative research methodologies, ESTIMA Research of Istanbul, Turkey is now offering an eye tracking service for its clientele. ESTIMA invested in iMotions – Attention Tool 4.0 and Tobii’s latest T60XL, which is a hi-definition eye tracker with a 24’’ monitor.

Advertising effectiveness studies, product, package and shelf tests, web usability studies will be enhanced via attention and emotion metrics of Attention Tool 4.0, which is the World leading eye tracking software for Market Research.

The Managing Director of ESTIMA Research, Hasan N. Tanla stated that ESTIMA has further strengthened its position as the most innovative research agency in Turkey and it strongly believes that the company will be within the top 8 at the end of 2011. Mr. Tanla continued, “following the inauguration of the first and the largest MROC panel in Turkey comprised of health professionals (www.estimamedikalpanel.com), the eye tracker will be introduced to the industry as early as mid September.

ESTIMA is working on integrating new metrics for evaluating the effectiveness of newspaper / magazine ads. The company will be conducting the National Readership Survey for the upcoming 3 years. Attention, emotion and reading metrics along with the readership figures will create new horizons for the industry (publishers as well as advertising and media agencies).

Eye-tracking will also support tactical decisions of the human resources departments of companies in terms of recruitment and succession planning (promotions) via newly adopted loyalty metrics.

iMotions CEO, Peter Hartzbech, stated that he is very excited about this new addition to iMotions global client portfolio, since Turkey is a fast growing market for consumer goods. Mr. Hartzbech continued, “iMotions has many global clients that request testing facilities with Attention Tool in Turkey, so this will be a successful relationship and it is not easy to locate pioneers in the Market Research industry that adapt new technologies.

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