iMotions’ leading eye tracking software for research and usability, Attention Tool®, is now compatible with the new Tobii X2 Eye Trackers. The bundle of Attention Tool and the new highly portable and affordable eye tracking solution will enable even more companies and universities to get started with eye tracking research.

During the past years, eye tracking has proven itself as an extremely valuable tool for understanding human behavior in a variety of research applications. However, high price levels for these solutions have made the technology accessible only to larger corporations and academic institutions.

The combination of the Tobii X2 Eye Tracker’s large head movement box, scientific grade data quality and iMotions’ powerful easy to use Attention Tool software platform now perfectly meets most needs for both usability and research. Attention Tool also empowers the Tobii X2 series to be fully compatible with biometric sensor integration such as with EEG and GSR.

“We are happy to see how quickly our partner iMotions has added compatibility for the new eye trackers and how well the integration is implemented. Tobii believes in an ecosystem of application development partners, with iMotions being a good example,” says Tom Englund, president of analysis solutions at Tobii.

“We are excited to see that Tobii’s new high-end hardware technology is smaller, lighter and more affordable. This allows iMotions to spread eye tracking to a much larger audience, when combined with the ease of use and scalability of our software platform”, explains Peter Hartzbech, CEO & Founder of iMotions.

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iMotions is the World leader in eye tracking software for research and usability. iMotions develop and market Attention Tool®, which is the most robust, easy to use and scalable eye tracking software platform available in the market today. iMotions was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, has a US office in Boston, development in Bangalore, India and reseller representation in Latin America and South East Asia.