iMotions launches educational program: iMotions Academy

Copenhagen, Denmark, 03/04/207. iMotions, a company providing a platform and tools for biometric research, announces the launch of the iMotions Academy – a suite of educational programs designed to increase education and training within biometric research. This release presents the next step for iMotions’ goal to increase the awareness and accessibility of biometric research.

Peter Hartzbech, CEO of iMotions states that “iMotions Academy is a structured online and in-person education suite of courses, tools and solutions, tailored to different experience levels. Consisting of 4 distinct branches, each with the purpose of elevating knowledge and accelerating the learning process in biometric and human behavior research.”. The suite is a world-first in offering specific courses that are suited to a variety of experience levels, and represents the growing trend of utilizing such an approach within both academic and commercial research.

As a company, iMotions has clients ranging from Ivy-league universities such as Harvard, to commercial clients such as P&G and Deloitte. Meeting the demands of such a wide-ranging customer base requires agility from the company, and the Academy launch is part of the process to ensure that such clients are as well-equipped as possible, despite different backgrounds and aims.

Peter Hartzbech sums up the ambition of iMotions “this is a big day for not only me and the iMotions team, but a giant leap towards easier access to knowledge and education that can change the world!”.

About the company: iMotions is a startup that provides a software platform for recording and synchronizing biometric signals – subconsciously generated bodily actions, such as facial expressions, eye movements, heart rate and brain activity, amongst others. These signals can be used to understand human behavior at a discrete and quantifiable level, facilitating further understanding of human thoughts, emotions, and actions. The company was started in 2005 in Copenhagen, and now has offices in the US, Germany, and Taiwan.