iMotions NeuroLab Computer

Power & Efficiency for Biometric Research

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Specifically designed to meet the computational demands of biometric research

NeuroLab Computer

Ready to Use

iMotions’ developers and researchers have – alongside experienced engineers from our partner Shimmer – custom-designed the NeuroLab Computer to be the ideal solution for conducting multimodal biometric research..

Hardware components were selected for optimal speed, power, and graphics capabilities, ensuring peak performance during everyday usage and the most challenging testing scenarios.

Fully Optimized

iMotions configures chosen sensors (EEG, GSR, Facial Expressions, Eye Tracking, etc.) and installs iMotions lab software for synchronizing, visualizing, and analyzing biometric data on the NeuroLab Computer prior to shipping – making setup quick and easy. 

Neurolab out of the box
vr computer biometrics

Future-Proof Your Lab

The NeuroLab Computer is among the most powerful computers available commercially.

This cutting-edge power ensures your processing needs are met now, and well into the future. Two-year warranty safeguards the future of your experimental possibilities.


The NeuroLab Computer and all software have been extensively tested as a system, ensuring a smooth experience without any compatibility issues

• Intel i7-6800K CPU
• 16GB Kit (1x 16GB) RAM
• NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 8GB Graphics Card
• ASRock X99E-ITX Motherboard
• Samsung 850 EVO 1TB SSD

• CoolerMaster GM Series G650M
• CoolerMaster Elite 110 Case
• CoolerMaster Seidon V2-120mm CPU Cooler
• Microsoft Windows 10 PRO
• 2 year warranty
• 10 USB ports for multiple sensor integrations

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