Mirametrix S2

The Mirametrix S2 Eye Tracker is a small USB device that takes less than a minute to setup. The eye tracker equipment sits unobtrusively below the monitor, facing the user. The small and light hardware package makes the eye tracker system easily portable between machines or locations. The fact that it does not require a custom monitor or embedded computer allows it to run entirely on existing hardware, keeping costs down and allowing the flexibility of monitor choice.

Manufacturer: Mirametrix

Model: S2

Module Compatibility:

Screen-based Eye Tracking Module

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Mirametrix S2

Hardware Specifications

Tracking Unit
Sample rate 60 Hz
Accuracy 0.5 – 1 degree range
Calibration 5, 9 point (~ 15 seconds to complete), long lasting
Binocular tracking Yes
Tracking type Bright pupil
Head movement 25 x 11 x 30 cm
Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 35 x 4 x 3 cm
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