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Measure beyond focus groups

Biosensor data helps you collect and conclude insights that get closer to the root of the story, thanks to nonconscious and behavioral cues that go beyond how audiences think they feel.

Resonating with your audience?

Leverage the power of biosensor data.

How do you know when your creative, ads, TV show, trailers or movie resonates with audiences?

Use technologies like eye tracking to measure visual attention, facial expression analysis to detect expressed emotions, and electrodermal activity to understand emotional arousal to get closer to understanding actual emotional responses, engagement, and attention in real time.

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How do biosensors capture human attention and emotion?

Present your creative, synchronize biosensors, manage respondent data, and analyze nonconscious human responses – all in the iMotions platform. Click on each icon to learn more about the biosensor module.

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Learn from your audiences’
psychophysiological responses

Wherever you are in your media production or distribution cycle, capturing and analyzing biosensor data helps you discover insights that can make your stories better.

Advertising effectiveness

Improve ROI by digging into viewer attention

Media testing

Use A/B testing of different versions to optimize content based on audience engagement

Audience insights

Assess with more than just demographics – answer when and why respondents are enthralled or distracted

Communication research

Measure how messages are encoded and decoded from a cognitive perspective

Narrative development

Measure reactions to storyboards or animatics

Format validation

Gauge audience responses to pilot episodes, genre conveyance or new entertainment packages

Event assessment

Measure emotional intensity during immersive or experiential offerings

Enabling Emotion-Driven Audience Insights for Movie Trailers

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Dan Schönemann and Morten Thomsen sought out the iMotions Enablement Services team when they wanted to gather better audience data on movie trailers for a collaborative project involving Nordisk Film, The Danish Broadcasting Corporation, The Danish Film Institute, and Biografklub Danmark. By using Galvanic Skin Response to test trailers, iMotions helped them push beyond relying on how audiences think they react to trailers, to discovering how they actually respond emotionally.

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