Interactive online platform for educators to effortlessly teach cutting-edge biometric methods using real-life datasets.

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Learn for Teachers

Easily bring cutting-edge research to the classroom

Engaging, accessible teaching - iMotions Learn

Engaging, accessible teaching

Students can access iMotions Learn remotely – no software or hardware required – enabling more work to be completed outside of the classroom, and freeing up time for more exploratory discussion and debate, rather than repetitive instructions.

Online Course for Professors - Biometric Methods

Complete pre-built curriculum

Using the iMotions Learn curriculum means that teaching is as simple as copying and pasting a link. iMotions Learn lets students be actively engaged with a deep understanding of biometric research methods. Use the vast array of pre-built material, augment pre-designed teaching paths.

Online Course for Professors - Biometric Methods
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One-link integration with major LMS

Seamless integration between all major learning management systems and iMotions Learn helps courses to be run smoothly and cohesively. Send a single link and get up and running.

Learn for Students

Experience biometric research hands-on

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Interactive, hands-on

Learn through experience by using the platform’s unique in-browser testing capabilities. Perform data analyses, become familiar with developing testable hypotheses, and test evidence-based inferences.


Make the most of your learning

Advance through the learning path with hands-on experiments. Simply login to the browser-based course to develop your biometric research skills at any time. iMotions Learn concretely teaches a range of skills that are increasingly required in academic and commercial research. Ensure your knowledge stays ahead of the curve and meets workplace demand.


A range of analytical methods

Test and interact with a range of analytical methods. Visualize, share, and export biometric data. Experiment with static and dynamic heatmaps, eye tracking statistics, and AOIs. Create and compare segments of data from various biometric research tools, and explore individual and aggregated experiment replays.

“Learn from iMotions has improved the learning and output from students”

Jesper Clement Associate Professor at Copenhagen Business School