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iMotions Learn

Learn is an interactive online platform designed to make the teaching of human behavior research and psychophysiology more efficient and effective. 

Using real-life datasets, students can learn about the background and applications of psychophysiological research methods, such as eye tracking, electrodermal activity, EEG, and facial expression analysis.

Theoretical content and practical exercises based on peer-reviewed research

Technology Platform:
Browser-based data visualization tool that integrates with all major LMS systems

Learn about eye tracking, electrodermal activity, facial expression analysis, and EEG

Pre-built, rigorous teaching material 

iMotions Learn provides educators a range of ready-made content designed for classroom-based teaching as well as independent learning. Material is divided into topics within psychophysiology spanning eye tracking, electrodermal activity, EEG, and facial coding, and is provided for both educators as well as students.

Interactive learning

With iMotions Learn, students gain access to a hands-on, data-driven learning experience that emphasizes the practical applications of psychophysiology. The curriculum is brought to life using an interactive data visualization app where core concepts are made accessible through a series of exercises that promote independent thinking.

Foster both knowledge and skill

The ready-made curriculum within iMotions Learn covers the fundamental aspects of human behavior research and psychophysiology. Concepts build upon canonical research within each topic area and are reinforced with in-browser explorations of empirical datasets.

Engaging, accessible teaching - iMotions Learn
Engaging, accessible teaching - iMotions Learn

Available anywhere, anytime

As a fully-online teaching and learning environment, iMotions Learn can be accessed on any device, anytime. Downloadable material is also available to be printed out, or to use while offline.

One-link integration with all major LMS

A simple integration between all major learning management systems and iMotions Learn helps courses to be run smoothly and cohesively. Send a single link and get up and running.

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