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Automotive Research Benefits

Beyond traditional methods


Non-intrusive physiological data insights

Introducing eye tracking devices such as the Smart Eye Pro multi-camera system, camera based facial expressions, and video recordings of subjects from multiple angles without adding intrusive hardware on respondents.


Gold standard data collection from multiple sensors

Obtain high quality human behavior insights from gold standard sensors. Measure and analyze ECG, EEG, GSR, and respiration data in one place. These sensors provide detailed information about the physiological, cognitive and emotional state of the participant. Integrate with iMotions for R&D and gold standard metric validation.


Quickly discover points of interest with live data observation

Observe data from sensors in real-time to make qualitative observations of participant behavior and responses. Annotate the data with live markers to easily find points of interest after data collection.


Adaptable integration of systems and feedback loops for high customizability

Integrate eye tracking and behavioral data streams with events and signals generated from the environment such as car events, alternative sensors, and more. All data is synchronized and live visualized, and can be forwarded for closed loop or contingent condition experiments.


Powerful visualization and analysis options for faster time to conclusions

Strong visualization and analysis tools specifically designed for biometric and eye tracking data. Generate individual replays, aggregation, heatmaps, emotional correlations, and much more with iMotions’ powerful analytics engine for automotive R&D insights.

My experience of using iMotions in automotive research

Jerry Jang Executive Director of Interaction Design Research