BOSTON, MA and TEMPE, AZ (June 12, 2015) – iMotions, the developer of the leading biometric research software, and Arizona State University launch next generation mobile lab for commercial research.

Arizona State University and iMotions are combining their extensive experience and vision at the university based innovative Learner and User eXperience (iLUX) laboratory located at the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering on the ASU campus. Previous experience at the ANGLE lab at ASU has proven that human behavior research can have a profound impact on our knowledge of how human beings experience the world. Therefore, Arizona State is setting up a mobile lab focused on consumers and how they experience the products and services offered by the university and a variety of corporations. Using cutting edge tools and techniques grounded in years of innovative studies, they not only want to further the push the boundaries of that knowledge, but also desire to create real value for businesses by providing insights into the needs of their customers.

The new lab focuses on allowing user experience researchers to gather physiological insights during usability tests, packaging research, in-store advertising and display research and many other contexts for exploring human behavior. The iLUX lab helps businesses to track consumer visual attention, thoughts, and feelings while utilizing a service or product or simply entering a store. Studies run will employ information from eye tracking, EEG, GSR and even facial expressions to offer new theoretical support for academics as well as practical knowledge for businesses desiring to better serve their customers.

“The iMotions software is the backbone of the whole research lab. The software connects different sensors seamlessly and enables us as researchers to have the flexibility to design experiments in a way that creates value for our clients. It really enables us to do things that few other labs around the world are able to do,” says Dr. Robert Atkinson, Associate Professor and Director of the iLUX lab. “Having a completely flexible setup allows us to do user interface studies on the desktop, mobile devices, and tablets, and even take the studies out in the real world–in-store, in focus groups–where consumers actually experience brands and products”.

“We are excited to power such an exceptional lab and help further innovative research in this field. The iMotions software is flexible enough to handle a myriad of experimental designs as well as the challenge of capturing data from multiple biometric sources in realistic tests with participants. In addition, this is a great example of how clients who are familiar with human behavior research immediately see the value of this software applied in commercial settings and the direct benefits that it can offer,” said Peter Hartzbech, CEO of iMotions.

iLUX’s lab setup is completely mobile since all sensors used are wearable technologies. The combined eye tracking devices, brain sensors and heart rate monitors move beyond simple eye tracking as a measure of user experience by combining an individual’s visual attention with their feelings and thoughts to gain insights into motivation and engagement. With iMotions software the multi-sensor data is perfectly synchronized and can easily be analyzed to improve the overall customer experience.

About iMotions

iMotions is a high tech software development company originally founded in 2005, headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark with USA office in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. iMotions powers researchers in more than 45 countries and enables them to execute research within eye tracking, facial expression analysis, GSR, EEG, ECG, EMG and self-reporting in one simple to use software platform. It helps researchers to conduct state-of-the-art human behavior research in the areas of Psychology, Neuroscience, Human Factors Engineering, Education, Health, Business and Human Computer Interaction. The platform which is targeted at Market, Academic, Usability and Gaming research is used worldwide by large clients like MIT, Harvard, Stanford universities and P&G, Nestle and Kraft to elevate their research.

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