iMotions 6.1

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The Next level of analysis tools, visualizations & workflows



Automated Gaze Mapping & Fixation Algorithm

Improved workflows to easily aggregate data in mobile eye tracking studies & customization of fixation parameters.

Improved Data Analysis Across Biosensors

Identify meaningful data by applying unique signal processing methods, thresholds, filters & algorithm customizations to your analysis.

Qualtrics & Environment Camera Integration 

Tighter integration with Qualtrics survey platform & extra camera integration to capture the environment of the respondent.


Faster, easier & more accurate mobile eye tracking

The automatic gaze mapping functionality maps an individual’s gaze points in a unique environment to a static image allowing you to easily aggregate data. 

Customize your data output for better analysis

You can now select which unique signal processing methods to apply for the different data channels, and even customize the algorithms for your analysis. 

Expand your research with new integrations

The tighter Qualtrics integration leverages the best features of advanced survey design such as piping variables & skip logic, pulling the survey responses directly into iMotions.



Automated Gaze Mapping for Mobile Eye Tracking & Fixation Algorithm

This feature maps the gaze of an individual to a static reference image allowing you to easily aggregate data on it. Besides our object recognition algorithms have been also significantly improved which greatly increase our recognition rate and allows recapture of the image within 2 seconds. This upgrade notably decreases the complexity and time needed to create analysis from glasses recordings even further.



Eye Tracking Analysis Improvements


Improved object recognition algorithm

The object recognition algorithm has been significantly improved to have an even higher rate of recognition.




Flexible AOI ranking by eye tracking metric type

Rank AOIs based on other metrics than TTFF, such as time spent, revisits, revisitors, ratio and mouse clicks.




Major AOI & markers dialog update with extended options

All Areas Of Interest (AOI), markers and annotations can now be listed in a table that can be flexibly sorted and filtered.






Extended video sources: Environment Camera

iMotions 6.1 supports a new video feed to allow the integration of an extra camera. This camera can capture the environment or extended working space of the respondent synchronized with all other biosensors. This feature is ideal to capture group conversations / focus groups while the respondent in focus is being tested.



Full Integration of Qualtrics Survey Platform

Qualtrics integration allows to leverage all the best in class features of advanced survey design such as piping variables, skip logic and more directly in iMotions. The integration automatically separates each survey slide into its own scene displaying all the biometric information collected and pulls the survey responses data directly into iMotions.







Measure VR immersion with EEG, GSR, ECG

Now you can test VR environments from Oculus, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR and others directly in iMotions and track EEG, GSR, ECG and get insights into physiological reactions. Test the direct impact of your immersive VR experiences directly in iMotions with all biosensors.




Improved Data Analysis Across Biosensors

When creating an analysis, you can now select which unique signal processing methods to apply for the different data channels, and even customize the algorithms. Just to mention a few, for GSR you can customize the peak detection algorithm, for EEG you can apply band pass or notch filters, and for facial expressions you can specify the thresholding.




Featured Analysis Functionalities

Zoom in the sensors graphs and get cursor values


Unique signal processing for different data channels


GSR peak detection across sensors and stimuli types



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