Tobii Pro Fusion

Hardware Specifications

Tobii Pro Fusion is a next generation, compact high-performance eye tracker from Tobii Pro.

With sampling frequencies of up to 250 Hz, two eye tracking cameras, and two pupil tracking modes (bright and dark pupil), Tobii Pro Fusion enables you to adapt your data collection setup to different research populations, scenarios, and data requirements.

The Tobii Pro Fusion is compatible with the iMotions Eye Tracking – Screen-based Module.

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Screen-based Eye Tracker
Pro Fusion
Sample rate
60, 120 & 250 Hz or 60 & 120 Hz, depending on the hardware version
0.4° in optimal conditions
0.3° root mean square (RMS) in optimal conditions
Recovery time
1 frame
Mount type
On screen, stand
Screen size
Maximum 24” (16:9 aspect ratio)
Operating distance
50–80 cm
Head movement
30 cm width × 25 cm height
Pupil size
Connection type
USB Type-C / USB Type-C to USB Type-A adapter
374 mm L × 18 mm H × 13.7 mm

Powerful software

for powerful research

To analyze the eye tracking data you’ve gathered from trackers like the Tobii Pro Fusion, you’ll need software that can provide the precision and accuracy your study requires. With iMotions Screen-based Eye Tracking, advanced analysis of visual attention is at your fingertips, so you can visualize and export metrics such as:

  • Heatmaps
  • Gaze replays
  • Areas of interest (AOI)
  • Time to first fixation
  • Saccades & oculomotor events