GSR, ECG, EMG & Respiration Sensors

GSR, ECG, EMG & Respiration Sensors supported by iMotions



Manufacturer: BIOPAC Model: MP160 Module Compatibility: BIOPAC Module The BIOPAC MP160 system is a flexible, proven modular data acquisition & analysis system for life science research. This 16-channel system includes AcqKnowledge software with specialized analysis capabilities. Thes [...]

Shimmer3 GSR

Manufacturer: Shimmer Ltd Model: Shimmer3 GSR Device Module Compatibility: GSR The Shimmer GSR (Galvanic Skin Response) monitors skin conductivity between two reusable electrodes attached to two fingers of one hand. Caused by [...]

Shimmer3 ECG / EMG

Manufacturer: Shimmer Model: ECG/EMG Module Compatibility: ECG/EMG Module The Shimmer3 ECG/EMG Device provides optimized measurements for five-wire, four-channel ECG (Electrocardiogram) solution measuring bipolar limb leads and user’s choice of V1 – V6. The device boast [...]

Empatica E4 GSR Wristband

Manufacturer: Empatica Model: E4 GSR Module Compatibility: GSR Module Request pricing



Manufacturer: BIOPAC Model: MP150 Module Compatibility: BIOPAC Module The MP150 system is a flexible, proven modular data acquisition system for life science research and is in use in top laboratories around the world. The MP150 [...]



Manufacturer: BIOPAC Model: EDA/GSR100C Module Compatibility: BIOPAC Module BIOPAC GSR100C is an add-on device to the BIOPAC MP150 data acquisition device to measure skin conductance via changes in perspiration on the surface of the skin due [...]



Manufacturer: BIOPAC Model: ECG100C Module Compatibility: BIOPAC Module BIOPAC ECG100C device is an add-on to the MP150 device and records electrical activity generated by the heart. Recording ECG data from various locations allows researchers [...]



Manufacturer: BIOPAC Model: EMG100C Module Compatibility: BIOPAC Module BIOPAC EMG100C device records activity from large and small muscle groups, including facial EMG for analyzing emotional responses. Facial electromyography (fEMG) typically uses surface EMG electrodes [...]



Manufacturer: BIOPAC Model: RSP100C Module Compatibility: BIOPAC Module BIOPAC RSP100C device is an add-on to the MP150 to record breathing mechanics by examining pressure/flow and pressure/volume relationships. Analyze respiratory gas consumption and production in real [...]