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Measure human experiences in gaming and VR

with the world’s leading biosensor platform

Break new ground

Gaming experiences can be hard to quantify

But you can hit the mark on understanding the implicit emotional engagement that is so integral to successful gaming products. A combination of advanced biosensor-based methods allows for measuring immersion, presence and flow, providing a richer understanding of what makes a game enjoyable.

Capture and measure immersion

Go further with biosensor data.

iMotions elevates your gaming experience measurement capabilities by integrating biosensors like Eye Tracking, GSR, Facial Expression Analysis, EEG, ECG and more during experiences in mobile, console, experiential, and VR environments. This data provide robust and detailed feedback about how participants respond to the game.

The iMotions Platform allows you to collect and record behavior and emotions on e.g. strong feelings of physical existence in the game, feelings of mastery and absorption while completing a task, and the level an individual blocks out external stimuli. 


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How do biosensors capture human attention and emotion?

Present your creative, synchronize biosensors, manage respondent data, and analyze nonconscious human responses – all in the iMotions Platform. Click on the icon to learn more about each biosensor module. 

The iMotions Platform works with any kind of biosensor and VR

iMotions works with these partners and more:

An all-around solution

Immersion. Presence. Flow.

Game development & UX/UI testing

  • Diagnose problem areas where users are less engaged
  • Determine the impact of user interfaces and art on gameplay
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A new way to keep advertisers in the game

BusinessCustomer case

SPARK uses the iMotions Platform to track eye movements and measure brain activity (EEG) to analyze players’ visual attention, emotional engagement and frustration levels elicited by ad display during mobile gameplay.

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