Reading Module


Reading meter image


iMotions Reading Metrics analyzes attention on text regions through eye tracking gaze and gives insights on how texts are perceived, detect keywords and provide insights to enhance the copy. This is commonly utilized in areas like psycholinguistics, psychology, and other related disciplines. The Proprietary algorithm is suitable for media with text.

The eye tracking reading comprehension requires the Remote Eye Tracking Module and specific eye tracking hardware. See underneath.

iMotions Reading Module pinpoints words that have been read repeatedly by the consumers by automatic reading pattern classification. – It identifies where there might be words which are difficult to read or keywords which are important to the consumers. iMotions’ Reading algorithms actually tell wether someone is reading the text. It is a step forward from “normal” gaze and glance metrics.

Reading Meter®

Reading meter
Reading MeterDetects reading patterns in the text block. It measures the Number of Readers & the % of Text Read.


Reading metrics

Reading Meter provides an analysis of text regions defined by the user – to determine the number of readers out of the total that read the selected text and what percentage of the text they read on average.

Reading Intensity Maps

Reading intensity
Reading Intensity MapsMeasures the intensity of the reading and visualizes areas with a high-low reading intensity scale indicator.


Map of intensity reading visualization

From the reading intensity map you can instantly get an overview of the text which has been read on the entire image. This is to ensure that respondents read the key message, but also to identify if certain text is difficult to read. Those studying reading comprehension with eye tracking can also add additional sensors, like EEG, to gain even more insights on human behavior during this cognitive task.