Arousal Module




iMotions Arousal Metrics measures the intensity of the arousal (sub-conscious emotional impact) the image produces on the viewer through eye tracking pupilometry. Proprietary algorithm. Good for still images.

The Arousal Module requires the Remote Eye Tracking Module and specific eye tracking hardware. See underneath.


“Working with one of the world’s largest providers of greeting cards, we have been able to predict actual sales performance (+/-10%) in 16 out of 19 cases using a combination of metrics from iMotions and cognitive attributes. Being able to measure the Emotional Response in an easy and affordable way is therefore an important development for the Consumer Insight Research industry.”


Main Features


  • Arousal Scale

Emotion Metrics Emotional ActivationIntensity level (1-10) of the emotional impact (Arousal) produced by the image. It measures Average level to all respondents and 95% Confidence interval.


  • Comparison Matrix

Emotion Metrics Statistical Emotion MatrixPairwise comparison of Emotional Activation (Arousal) across stimuli. The matrix tells if the stimuli are significantly similar or significantly different among each other.


POC (Proof Of Concept)

iMotions’ arousal metrics technology was compared Vs Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) and Self Assessment Manikin (SAM). Results indicate that iMotions’ technology measures emotional arousal as good as, or even better than the GSR and the SAM whilst being completely non-intrusive, objective and easy to use. We however always advise that if possible to include GSR in your research portfolio as a supplement to get the full perspective.



Study made by iMotions and Arousal Module, commissioned by the Institute of Promotional Marketing in UK,
found that the highest levels of excitement were in response to the most commercially successful deals.

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