Empatica E4 GSR Wristband

The E4 wristband is designed for researchers and physicians who are conducting research on physiology in daily life and is not for consumer use. It is flexible with tools for data recording and management as well as real-time streaming to Empatica Realtime App both for Android and for iOS.

Manufacturer: Empatica

Model: E4 GSR

Module Compatibility: GSR Module

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Empatica E4 GSR wristband

Hardware Specifications

PPG sensor
Sampling frequency 64 Hz (non-customizable)
LEDs Green (2 LEDs), Red (2 LEDs)                                                                        .
Sensor output Blood volume pulse (BVP)
Sensor output resolution 0.9 nW / digit
Motion artifact removal algorithm Combines different light wavelengths
Tolerates external lighting conditions
EDA sensor
Sampling frequency 4 Hz (non-customizable)
Resolution 1 digit ~900 pSiemens
Range 0.01 μSiemens – 100 μSiemens
Electrodes Semi-permanent (screw in design)
SUS03 stainless steel (standard) or Silver (Ag)
plated with a metallic core
 Electrode longevity Lifetime (SUS03), 4–6 months (Ag)
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