An iMotions Customer Success Story – Università Politecnica delle Marche

Leveraging eye tracking in consumer behavior study

Raffaele Zanoli_Circle


Prof. Raffaele Zanoli
Università Politecnica delle Marche, Ancona (Italy). Department of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences


  • Enabled to take a pioneer role in food-related consumer behavior research
  • Pushed collaborations across departments and helped establish strong commercial partnerships beyond campus
  • Empowered to speed up research and obtain reliable results faster: Considerable time savings thanks to full sensor integration, simplified data collection, and automated data synchronization


Holding a full professorship at the Polytecnic University of Marche in Italy, Prof. Raffaele Zanoli acts as principle investigator and consultant within the field of food market research. With well over 100 distinct scientific publications, he is an internationally renowned expert in food consumption and marketing, leading numerous nationwide and international scientific projects funded by the EU.

Prof. Zanoli’s research centers on consumer behavior with regard to new brands in the food industry. Led by his interest in emotional aspects of attention toward consumer goods, he was looking to find an integrated software solution allowing to pair both remote and mobile eye tracking technology with other emotional measures such as facial recognition for brand and usability studies in lab and real-world environments.

Before partnering with iMotions, Prof. Zanoli used conventional cameras to manually assess facial expressions and evaluate emotional responses linked to food. However, this approach proved to be not suitable for his inquiries as it demanded ample time resources, extensive training, and was not able to deliver precise measurements of brief emotions in real time.


Implementing iMotions opened up new opportunities for Prof. Zanoli and his research team to intensify thriving cooperations across departments and establish strong commercial partnerships thanks to the practical use of the studies conducted with iMotions software and its wide scope of applications in real-world environments.

“With iMotions we are able to provide a unique tool which is interdisciplinary in nature, allowing us to partner with colleagues from other disciplines such as engineering, art, and computer science on issues that are of mutual interest. At the same time, we now can put a stronger focus on our primary research interest – with iMotions we are in a position to do brand and usability studies in a way that before we simply could not imagine. There are only few departments in Italy having the kind of equipment we have, so with iMotions software we are able to provide a tool to study branding and product placement in the store which is relatively unique in our area of interest.”, says Prof. Raffaele Zanoli.


While having no prior experience with eye tracking technology, Prof. Zanoli was seeking a software solution that was able to both match eye tracking with different emotional measures and synchronize sensor data while at the same time being intuitive to use for novices and experts alike. Ideally, all integrated in one single platform.

Prof. Zanoli found that iMotions was the only unified software solution available on the market suitable to meet his research demands. iMotions enables Prof. Zanoli and his research team to conduct studies in a way which had not been possible before – the platform neither requires technical knowledge nor programming skills to set up and operate the software, thereby rendering it equally attractive for junior scientists with only limited experience and senior researchers.

In one single platform, iMotions offers full integration and data synchronization across sensors. Instead of cumbersomely having to piece together different data outputs from different systems and wrestling with synchronization issues, Prof. Zanoli now can wholeheartedly focus on what really matters and push his research endeavor to new heights. Without iMotions, the integration and synchronization of sensor data would have been a too big effort.


“Before coming to iMotions, we’ve been through analyzing different software options. We realized that for the kind of brand and usability studies we aimed to conduct we wanted to match remote and mobile eye tracking with emotional measurements. iMotions was the only software platform available on the market offering exactly what we needed – automated integration of emotional face recognition and eye tracking. For us, it clearly was the only solution. iMotions enabled us to study branding and product placement in a novel and unique way within our area of interest.”