An iMotions Customer Success Story – Qwince

Neuromarketing analytics for effective engagement



Gianmarco Troia
CEO & Founder, Qwince


  • Reliable, flexible and cost-effective Neuromarketing studies
  • Easy-to-use platform which incorporates non-invasive wearable devices
  • Marketing centered approach to analytics
  • Clear and highly accurate insight based on industry-leading devices
  • Platform designed to create marketing awareness very quickly


In 2014, a study on media usage and ad exposure by Media Dynamics, Inc. reveals that a typical adult’s daily media consumption was around 9.8 hours (or 590 minutes).In addition, other studies support that message and brand “exposure” can range from 3,000 to 20,000 a day for each person.

Those numbers not only include ads, but also include every time we pass by a label in a grocery store or on the web, all the ads in your mailbox whether you see them or not, the label on everything you wear, the condiments in your fridge, the cars on the highway, etc.
So consumers’ attention has never been harder to earn, because people receive so many visual messages.

The real challenge is to turn visitors into customers. For example, in a first iteration with a web page, visitors can miss the main messages. Getting rid of unnecessary content or finding the most effective way to communicate becomes more and more crucial.

Thanks to its strong background in the life science industry, Qwince focuses its research and development on identifying new models to apply neuroscience principles to biometric signals collected by medical devices, mobile and wearable technologies. The objective is to evaluate both conscious and subconscious reactions using biometric sensors in gauging customer response to a specific piece of content (advertising, user interface, video, etc.).

This is a pretty complex analysis which involves wide data sets, so the real challenge is to make the data accessible and easy to understand even to decision makers not used to neuromarketing techniques. Clear insights and outcomes are crucial in understanding the drivers of customers’ behaviour, preferences and attention.


In 2015, Qwince started a hardware selection to identify the best sensors to collect reliable data on customers’ behaviour. Thanks to its expertise and specific market reports on the emerging technologies, Qwince selected the right mix to acquire biometric data. The next step was to identify the software connecting everything.

Its key requirements were: easy to use, opened to further hardware integration, scalable and able to export raw data. In iMotions, Qwince found exactly these features: a supportive partner keen to share its expertise and software that can allow to easily add or remove sensors.
The final step was to integrate Neuralya with iMotions using the raw data export functionalities, Based on iMotions, the best-in-class behavioural analysis system, Neuralya integrates into one single platform biometric sensors and wearable technologies (eye tracking, facial expression, EEG, GSR/EDA) to calculate insights and indicators able to evaluate rational, emotional and instinctual reactions providing key consumer insights on behaviour, preferences and attention. Neuralya extends the set of metrics and gives a wider understanding of what the customer is thinking and feeling.


I was very impressed with the iMotions product and team. I can see the huge potential that this tech has to impact the world of marketing communications. It will both help agencies and brands accurately analyse the full emotional response to their campaigns, as well as prove an excellent guide in agency creative development and pitching”


Unlike traditional neuromarketing solutions, Neuralya combines a number of devices and metrics to give a deep understanding on what engages viewers and what catches their attention. Furthermore, traditional neuromarketing techniques rely on few indicators to assess the customers’ interest, while Neuralya analytics are based on disparate data streams from multiple sources. Obviously, the data collection’s quality and the flexibility of the platform is closely linked to the iMotions platform.

Working with iMotions allows Qwince to focus on the key insights, customer’s outcomes while progressively increasing the sophistication of the research.
“iMotions platform and their skilled team helped us to find the best integration strategy, while leveraging our development effort and focusing on the big data algorithms and analytics. It enables us to deliver high quality results in a short period of time. This lead us to sign a strategic partnership with Deloitte Consulting, showcasing Neuralya during the inauguration of Deloitte Italy’s GreenHouse and Neuralya has been shortlisted for Gartner’s Cool Vendor 2016 on Consumer Dynamics” says Gianmarco Troia, CEO and Founder of Qwince. In the future, Qwince will increase the size of their research lab and the scope of the analysis.