An iMotions Customer Success Story – North Carolina State University

Acceleration of research output and increased marketability

Prof. Roger Azevedo

Professor in the Department of Psychology
North Carolina State University


  • Enabled them to accelerate their research tremendously
  • Recruitment numbers for postdocs increased due to greater interest
  • Allowed more advanced study designs and research questions
  • Enabled a multi-sensor research set up that was very difficult before
  • Simplified data collection with right sampling frequencies


Professor Azevedo conducts research in the area of human factors and ergonomics. Mainly his focus lies on the role of cognitive, metacognitive, affective and motivational self-regulatory processes during learning with computer-based learning environments. He strives to understand complex interactions between intelligent learning systems and humans by using interdisciplinary methods to measure the impact of the former mentioned processes on learning and transfer. In order to achieve this he executes laboratory, classroom and in-situ (e.g. medical simulator) studies and collects data from various channels.


North Carolina State University has been able to accelerate their research output tremendously. In addition they have become a lot more marketable due to the rare knowledge in their expertise. “We are experiencing an increased interest from other departments and many students due to the more sophisticated research it enables. Even the interest of postdocs increased tremendously and we can recruit many more now. The data that we collect gives us more insights than we ever had before. It is great how we can now serve fairly more sophisticated research questions,” says Roger Azevedo, Professor at North Carolina State University.

After adopting iMotions North Carolina State University has been able to not only accelerate and publish more papers, but also make it world leading research. Around 5 publications is currently in the works for publishing within the next six months.


With iMotions, Professor Azevedo and his colleagues now have a full lab setup with various physiological sensors enabling them to plug & play and switch between devices after their desire without losing calibration quality and facing synchronization or frequency issues. By not having to deal with various companies at the same time anymore and using one single simplified software platform, there is now much more time to concentrate on the important things – conducting research and collecting high quality data. The flawless integration of multiple sensors and the right frequencies enable Professor Azevedo to now conduct his research more efficiently and publish results faster.

Their specific setup includes remote eye tracking with an SMI red eye tracker, EEG with ABM X10 headset, facial expression analysis, and GSR with Shimmer 3 as well as surveys for self reporting.


“iMotions has enabled us to do research we couldn’t even get close to do before. Even though we had all the technology available, it was not possible to create reliable and synchronized studies in a fast way, so a lot of students and researchers could work with the tools at the same time. We have now accelerated our research output significantly and have the most publications in the works we have ever had at any given time. iMotions has been instrumental to enabling this research output transition.”