An iMotions Customer Success Story – MediaScience

Powering mass production with 30+ workstations and hundreds of daily respondents

Duane Varan
Founder & CEO MediaScience


  • Significantly increased volume and pace of operation
  • Optimized time to market for multi-modal research projects
  • Effectively reallocated resources saved to proactively build business
  • Considerably reduced time spent for in-house programming and code maintenance


MediaScience studies audience behavior, enabling clients to gain an understanding of human emotions towards advertising and programming for television, mobile and digital platforms. Based in Austin, Texas, MediaScience maintains a 5500 sq feet human behavior research lab powering over 30 different workstations for data collection, which renders it one of the world’s largest to mass-produce human behavior data and deliver key insights to Fortune 500 clients including leaders like Disney. To increase capacity, MediaScience is currently building up a second facility in Chicago being twice as large.

In order to reflect their clients’ individual research needs, MediaScience utilizes an advanced large-scale setup allowing them to change from one set of devices to another depending on the experimental design. However, downtime is costly, and so is the training of their operational staff currently including well over 25 employees. With integration issues, limited flexibility, and troubleshooting efforts becoming increasingly challenging and time-consuming elements of the daily operation, MediaScience started to explore new possibilities to efficiently reallocate resources and drive more value-generating initiatives.


With iMotions, MediaScience is able to smoothly switch between different sensor systems as needed without having to operate different software systems. The use of iMotions has significantly reduced the time previously spent for staff training, in-house development of custom software integration as well as the overall post-processing time. iMotions has proven to allow for an optimal, scalable operation that finally renders it possible for MediaScience to focus on building their business around the USA.

“iMotions is really the only choice out there that accurately synchronizes sensors, provides pre-built integrations with most of the sensors we use, and is easy to operate, which allowed us to get up to speed quickly. iMotions has eliminated a huge amount of our internal work and freed up ample resources. We now can focus on things that really matter. With iMotions, we have a platform that is able to grow with us as we scale our company to bigger locations in USA. We know that iMotions is going to support us in that journey”, says Duane Varan, Founder and CEO of MediaScience.


In particular, Dr. Varan was aiming to find a solution that was suitable to both support traditional methods and effortlessly integrate with the eye trackers and biosensors that MediaScience was already using on a daily basis. Also, Dr. Varan was looking for an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that would allow to effectively smoothen and simplify overall operations, yet at the same time offer an extendable solution with API for full flexibility of integration with custom sensors and dashboards.

After detailed investigation into existing software solutions available on the market, Dr. Varan found only iMotions was able to meet MediaScience’s demanding requirements. With iMotions being the backbone of their data collection, MediaScience now effortlessly integrates eye tracking, GSR, ECG, facial coding, and dial surveys. MediaScience itself has integrated multiple custom sensors into the iMotions API to facilitate a fully integrated setup.

The integration of all sensors into one unified platform has made conducting complex studies much easier and even opens up the possibility for junior researchers with only limited experience to become actively involved.


At MediaScience, we have over 120 eye tracking stations from across seven different suppliers.Top that off with both of the leading facial coding engines, with different biometric sensors and with a range of proprietary hardware systems, developed from our own engineers, and you have a universe of data sources all requiring integration. iMotions has played a critical role in bringing all of our data together in a single unified system. 
Prior to iMotions, we had to allocate enormous resources to marrying all of our separate data streams post-experiment. We also had to train research assistants to calibrate and administer across a large number of different software environments. Now with iMotions, we finally can allocate resources previously spent on arduously cobbling things together and time-consuming training to concentrate on taking our company to the next level.”