An iMotions Customer Success StoryIsobar

Conducting evidence-based market research 

Dr. Jeremy Pincus

Director, Research and Strategy at Isobar

Jeremy Pincus


  • Has accelerated data collection and analysis
  • Provided a way to obtain penetrating and reliable data
  • Gives real-time information about the respondent’s reactions to stimuli
  • Revolutionises traditional “question-answer” methods, by multiplying their reach


Isobar is a digital marketing agency that is relatively wide in scope – from market strategy and market intelligence, to UX testing, and the technical aspects of each. In essence, they create digital experiences for clients, which can encompass a multitude of different tools and assets. With so many years of experience with digital marketing, isobar has now created its own solutions to discover new insights. This includes a tool called “MindSight” – a rapid image exposure method, that is aimed at uncovering the true motivational state of a respondent. This method has greatly enhanced their investigative work, as it has facilitated descriptions of feelings and reactions that respondents might not have otherwise been able to provide. While this was a great step forward for isobar, they were still missing the real-time, moment-to-moment account of how the respondent was feeling in each situation. 


Biometric research has been an essential aspect of uncovering the emotional state of respondents in their work. The data provided, breaks through the traditional and superficial responses, and provides deeper insights into how someone is truly feeling. The move towards more quantitative and evidence-based research has given new strength and stability to their findings, and improved the work that they carry out.


As Dr. Pincus mentions, iMotions has been “a game changer”. In previous attempts at data collection, they were recording from various different sensors, each with different software, computers, and synchronization problems (not to mention the further requirements when carrying out data analysis). This hampered the rate and quality at which they could perform their work, slowing their progress down.

The use of iMotions has provided a single-platform solution. They currently collect data from facial expression analysis, EEG, eye tracking, and GSR (and other sensors, if desired), giving insight how the respondent is truly reacting at every moment.

“iMotions has been a game changer”