An iMotions Customer Success Story – Innerscope Research

Pioneering Integrated Consumer Neuroscience Research


Dr. Carl Marci

Chief Science Officer, Innerscope Research – Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience



  • Enabling integration and synchronization of multiple sensors, not previously possible.
  • Allowing researchers with different backgrounds to easily use biometric data
  • Enabling advanced research protocols
  • Making more research in a shorter period of time possible
  • Support and knowledge of iMotions helping to get started


Integrated Consumer Neuroscience Labs by Innerscope

Innerscope uses iMotions to integrate multiple measures of conscious and non-conscious responses – including bio sensors, eye tracking and facial expression analysis into their Sensus™ data collection concept. This is the first integrated consumer neuroscience kiosk, which delivers an unprecedented combination of market research tools in a single, scalable platform.