An iMotions Customer Success StoryGSK

Industry Standard for Consumer Research

Crispin Haywood

EMEA & Americas Commercial Excellence Director at GSK



  • Provides objective measures to counteract bias
  • 360-degree offering allows full leverage of Shopper Science Lab
  • Elevates conversations with retailer partners
  • iMotions is becoming the industry standard for shopper research


GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is one of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies, with around 100,000 employees and yearly revenues of around £30 billion (40 billion USD). When first establishing their Shopper Science Lab, GSK sought out a flexible platform powerful enough to integrate a variety of devices and present a range of stimuli for their consumer research.

Crispin Haywood, EMEA & Americas Commercial Excellence Director, oversees operations of the Shopper Science Lab, which lives within the company’s consumer health business unit. The Shopper Science Lab is a cutting-edge facility designed to advance an understanding of consumer behavior. The lab provides space for both focus group research, as well as study of behavior in realistic physical shopping environments. The research aims to provide insight into pack design preferences, e-commerce behavior, positioning, and more.


The work carried out at the Shopper Science Lab uses biometric tools to give an insight into shopper behavior. iMotions allows an integration of all of the biometric tools used within the Shopper Science Lab, and is their main software platform. The software allows them to understand shopper’s emotional behavior and triggers through Galvanic Skin Response (GSR), eye tracking, and facial expression analysis, along with self-reports.

Crispin describes how iMotions is a “360-degree offering” allowing them to fully leverage the capabilities afforded at the Shopper Science Lab. The tools are used within both the stationary lab setting and in the physical shop environment (a space designed to look just like a real shop).


By using biometric tools, the Shopper Science Lab team have been able to understand and unpack consumer behavior in greater detail. Information about emotional arousal through GSR recordings, visual attention through eye tracking, and emotional expressions through facial expression analysis, have all added valuable insights previously missing in their journey to advance shopper research.

The iMotions platform has also helped GSK elevate conversations with, and be an instrumental partner to other retail partners.

“I would certainly recommend iMotions to other companies, and historically I have done so. I think the iMotions platform is becoming the industry standard, and we’re certainly seeing the value in using it”