An iMotions Customer Success Story – Boise State University

Instantly allows becoming an expert and offers increased credibility

Dr. Quincy Conley

Assistant Professor
Boise State University


  • Brought more credibility to research and university
  • Made it much easier to compete for research funding
  • Allowed to work with multiple projects at the same time
  • Enabled execution of many more cutting-edge studies
  • Enabled data analysis within minutes instead of days
  • Increased engagement with commercial/governmental institutions


“iMotions is the first to package sensors in a way that is intuitive. I am not a neuroscientist or a computer scientist, I am a researcher, and this instantly allowed me to become an expert in an area with a lot of credibility among other researchers. With this tool on hand and the experience I have accumulated over the past years and with iMotions enabling my research, I’ve also been given an increased chance of generating funding.”